To celebrate the third anniversary of their debut, Japanese pop idol group Snow Man have announced their 8th single タペストリ(Tapestry) | W.

Version A Cover

タペストリ is the theme to Meguro Ren’s next film, My Happy Wedding, while W is the theme song to the new NTV drama 大病院占拠 (Hospital Under Siege).

The single will drop on 15 March and will have three separate editions.

Version A Music:
01. タペストリー (Tapestry)
02. W

Version A DVD
Tapestry – Music Video
W – Music video
Behind the Scenes.

Version B Music:
01. W
02. タペストリー (Tapestry)

Version B DVD
Tapestry – multi-angle video
Luv Classic – Lip Sync Video
Tapestry – multi-angle video
Luv Classic – Lip Sync Video
Connect past memories! Quiz Snow Man!!

Version C (Regular Edition)
01. タペストリー (Tapestry)
02. W
03. Luv Classic
05. タペストリー (Instrumental)
06. W (Instrumental)
07. Luv Classic (Instrumental)
08. NO SURRENDER! (Instrumental)

タペストリ(Tapestry) | W is currently available for pre-order wherever Japanese CDs are sold.

My Happy Wedding will hit theaters 17 March. Hopefully 大病院占拠 will soon be available for international streaming.

More Snow Man soon so…

Stay Tuned!