Gawin Caskey, better known by his nickname Fluke, is just one of the most talented men I have ever seen. A natural actor, there’s something tough but vulnerable in the characters he’s played. He’s also one of the sweetest and most humble people I have ever gotten the chance to interview. Also, have you seen him smile? 

Musically, Caskey has one of the smoothest voices I’ve ever heard. Raw, emotional, and dripping with sensuality, I could listen to him all day – and I have. I have purchased every single song that’s available from GMMTV Records. 

Caskey’s latest single is “SWEET but NAUGHTY”, the theme song to GMMTV’s incredibly well-written (and poignant) sex-comedy The Warp Effect.  To my knowledge this is the first GMMTV Series theme that is 100% in english (please correct me if I am wrong).

He’s also contributed songs to series like The Three Gentle Bros.



F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers.

Nabi, My Stepdarling

Oh, My Boss

And, of course, Dark Blue Kiss.

With his Original Sound Track contributions continuing to grow, the man is quickly becoming the “voice” of GMMTV (and I am 100% here for it)!

In addition to his OST work, Caskey has participated in the Cover songs by GMMTV artists project, where many of the company’s talent (including Ford Arun and Luke Ishikawa, and Janhae) have covered popular English songs. To date, Caskey has contributed two pieces to the project. “All 4 Nothing (I’m So In Love)” by Lauv

As well as the Weekend’s “Save Your Tears” with Aye Sarunchana. 

When we spoke, Cakey mentioned that he had yet to record a song that he’s written, but he does have ideas in the works. I cannot wait to see where his career takes him. 

More Fluke, more GMMTV, and definitely more music soon, so… 

Stay Tuned.