I am not going to lie. This episode was a little lackluster for me. Okay, a LOT lackluster. While I enjoy seeing more of Team and Win’s backstories, it’s starting to feel a little forced. The side couples are becoming way more interesting than the main couple, and I don’t mean the side couples fans of the parent series are familiar with – I mean Bee and Prince. At this point, I would rather watch their story unfold than whatever is happening between Win and Team because, honestly: I’m frustrated. 

Episode 10 is parallel to episode 13 of Until We Meet Again – and it’s one of the most beloved episodes because:

1.) The two main couples DeanPharm, and WinTeam, take drastic steps in their relationship – so you had the “Aww, ABOUT TIME!” moments.

2.) Pharm and Team are covered in love bites because of the previous night’s adult activities – so you had the giggle hysterical moments (does anyone remember why Team was trying to feed Pharm protean?) 

3.) Lots and lots and LOTS of shirtless boys. Yes, I understand that this was only night one of the two-night stay, but this episode had absolutely none of it. In fact, it completely went off book and turned the story we’ve already seen (some of us many, MANY times) and did something completely different. And honestly, I wasn’t really here for it. 

Still…. I am not a total pessimist, accentuating the negative. Some good things did happen. 

1.) MPT (Manow, Pharm, Team) are still total friendship goals. I LOVE the chemistry these three have with one another. They are fabulous, and I wish we had more of them. I would watch a series that was just their antics. 

BL Bestie Squad

2.) Bosston Suphadach’s arms.