A LOT happened in this episode. Since episode one, the series has dealt with some really sensitive tops, including, as of episode 6, sexual assault – no matter how unintentional it may be.

This episode revealed the truth about what happened and went into the hows and whys of Alex losing his two best friends. Also, he deserved it. 

He got sucked into the “You’re not an awkward virgin anymore. Now you’re one of the sexy popular kids” trope. Stupid but realistic. The real villain behind the new (and worse version of himself) Alex? Army. Now, in Army’s defense, he’s a scared teenager living in the closet, but damn – he hurts EVERYONE. I would’ve punched him out on the stop if I were Joe. The episode showed that Kat has owned her sex and sexuality – and is also an opportunist just looking for the next popular boy to hop on and ride until she gets bored – which there’s NOTHING wrong with.

As I said, the girl owns it and is not ashamed. Nim was a bit harsh with Alex and Mollie, who has always been a badass refusing to label herself or her sexuality. Ew is just the sweetest, most adorable boy on the planet, and Liu has always been worried about what other people say. Jean was wronged – and not just a little bit. She went through something horrific, and rather than coming to her defense, her teachers shamed her. Everything that’s happened is Alex’s fault. He did something horrible and disgusting. Honestly, I am unsure how he can fix it – even if he can go back in time – and while Alex did apologize for what happened, we’ve yet to see him fully deal with what he did (other than apologies). It’s not something one can just say “I’m sorry” to and expect forgiveness. At this point, he deserves Jean’s hatred. 

Have you seen episode 6? What are your thoughts?

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