Welcome back to another edition of Around the World With Johnny & Associates! One of the things that I love about these variety show style videos is that they give you a sense of who these guys are away from the glamor and glitter of the stage and screen. Yes, they are still sprinkled with that Magic that makes Johnny & Associates who they are, but there is a humanizing sort of humor to these videos – and as someone who knows very little Japanese, I know (at least for me) getting to view these subtitled videos is an absolute joy, because it allows me to feel like I can be a part of that magic. 

So, without further ado… here are the videos!

5.) SixTONES -“NAVIGATOR” MV preview-「MV初鑑賞会」

Recently subtitled in Japanese (in addition to English), The guys of SixTONES have an entertaining (and very energetic) viewing party of their third single ““NAVIGATOR””! 

4.) Naniwa Danshi (w/English Subtitles!) [New Year’s Greetings] Revealing a Big Plan! Best 2023 Wishes

The cute and colorful boys of Naniwa Danshi have big plans for 2023 and are excited to share them with the NaniFam! I love watching these kinds of videos with the guys, they are so funny with one another, and I absolutely love how much they care about the junior groups and want to help them succeed. 

3.) Snow Man(中文字幕)【緊急直播決定】�聖誕快樂&㊗️200萬人突破~在這神聖的夜晚 大家一起慶祝吧!!!!!!!!!

Now Chinese fans can enjoy Snow Man’s Christmas Live Stream, where the guys reminisce and enjoy the holiday together. Also, the Golden Sakuma Statue is revealed! (note to self: Find out how to get a Golden Sakuma statue)

2.) King & Prince (พร้อมคำบรรยายภาษาไทย) ตัวอย่างพิเศษ「Documentary of First DOME TOUR 2022 ~Mr.~ 」

A trailer for the upcoming documentary of King & Prince’s First DOME tour! The Blu-ray/DVD will be released on 18 January 2023

1.) Jyanino’s Channel【Primicia mundial】El día que hice la entrevista más rápida (¡con subtítulos en español!)

Jyanino speaks with Sexy Zone’s Fuma Kikuchi after the group’s concert at Toyko Dome! 

From how these two interact, you can tell these two have a strong friendship. 

Thank you for taking this trip with me around the world with Johnny & Associates! For even more Johnny’s, check out Tokyo Hive for newly subbed videos from Johnny’s Jr groups!

More to come, so….

Stay tuned!

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