This series has so many layers. On its outermost layer, it’s a fun and fresh sex comedy filled with someone of the most beautifully talented actors in Thailand, but once you start getting into it, the series just starts getting deeper and deeper. Prejudice, LGBTQ+ equality, a woman’s right to her own body and owning her sexuality, kink shaming, and the suppression of one’s own desires to make others more “comfortable” and one of the most stellar soundtracks I have ever heard. 

This week’s episode dealt with a lot. After finding the Polaroid he took of Alex and Jedi’s party, he discovers it’s not the photo he took. With the help of Ew, Alex fills him in on the truth. Later, Army reveals that Alex’s friendship was the only reason he could get through coming out. Jean and Kat enjoy a night out together. Kat goes home with Captain (Guy Sivakorn) and Jean with his friend. But when his friend mistakes her kindness for wanting sex and is unwilling to take “No!” for an answer – Jean is forced to pull a bat on him. Ew tries to suppress his kinks for the sake of Liu (Ciize Apichaya), but it’s clearly causing him stress and (I fear) will lead to dangerous habits. (Note: I absolutely love Sing in this role. He’s such an engaging actor who clearly puts his heart and soul into his work). 

This episode was also heavily focused on Mollie – a non-binary character (who is the first, I believe, for GMMTV) as they not only with pronoun-prejudice but was also body shamed by who appeared to be a cis-gendered heterosexual male, who, in addition to his rudeness towards Mollie, really didn’t like to see a woman (Jean) in charge of the film. He took every opportunity he could to be an absolute jerk. But he got what he deserved in the end, thanks to Alex, and then something happened. Mollie’s photo changed. It’s the first time this has happened, and I can only assume it’s because Alex and his friends are starting to put the pieces together of what happened. 

The series is just getting Better and Better. Honestly, it’s fantastic! 

Also, again – the soundtrack is slays! Check out the theme sung by the incredibly talented and irresistibly sexy Fluke Gawin below.

More on The Warp Effect soon so…

Stay Tuned!