If you’re not watching this series, you’re missing one of the wildest rides I’ve ever seen from GMMTV. I don’t even know what this series is anymore – and I mean that in the best way possible. It is SO GOOD.

It’s just a weird and wild ride.

After Mote (Off) and Kat (Jan) pitch the Takkrub app to him, Peerapat (Victor Chatchawit) agrees to invest 20,000,00 Bhat. However, he dies just before he’s able to transfer them the money. So Mote, Kat, and Doy (Louis thrown) now have to figure out how to dispose of his dead body. After several hysterical theatrical theoretical run-throughs, they decide to hide him in a freezer until a more appropriate solution can be found.

Sun (Mond) comes to figure out what Mote, Kat, and Doy are doing and why the two nobodies are trying to steal his girl. As he’s interrogating him (with his fist), another man shows up, Jay (Pae Daweerit), who is looking for Peerapat. His boss June (Mew Sirilapas), whom he is also having an affair with, is Peerapat’s wife. Then Mote’s debt collector comes and makes the mistake of pulling a knife, and Jay kills him. Then he puts Sun and Mote in handcuffs (and not in a fun way). He knows Peerapat is dead and wants his body. Surprise June killed him. Now Mote is playing the most high-stakes poker game of his life, and (so far) he’s winning.

More Midnight Motel soon, so…

Stay Tuned!