Even though this series is set in high school, it’s got a lot of adult themes for a GMMTV BL, and I am here for it.

Picking up where episode 3 left off, Palm is suspended for beating up the little rat boy who stole Nuengdiao’s necklace. In turn, Nuengdiao decides to partner with him on a language project, so he can stay caught up. However, he gets jealous when he sees Palm becoming the object of a young woman’s affection. Because of his youthful temper, he causes another fight. This time, he’s actually injured, and the episode ends with both he and Palm on the floor, with Nuengdiao unable to breathe.

At this point in the series Palm is CLEARLY in love with Nuengdiao. It’s totally in his eyes and while Nuengdiao (in my opinion) is also crushing hard on Palm, he’s too chicken to do anything about it. So instead, he makes out with Ben, who I’m sorry, I just feel is totally slimy.

Still, this is a great series and something I will continue to watch.

More Never Let Me Go soon so…

Stay Tuned!