Ford Arun is a name I only recently became aware of, but one I intend to follow closely from now on.

Born Arun Asawasuebsakul on 18 October 2002, the incredibly talented twenty-year-old has been appearing in GMMTV-related content since 2018. He has appeared in series alongside fellow Thailand School Star 2019 alumni Gemini and Fourth in series like Bad Buddy Series Moonlight Chicken, and all three currently star in the hit romantic comedy My School President. 

As a performer, Ford has contributed songs to My School President as well as other the GMMTV series The Shipper 

and 1515: NEVER TOO LATE  – an incredibly underrated series starring some incredibly talented individuals including Nanon, Khaotung, and Prigkhing Sureeyares

Ford has also taken part in the label’s Cover songs by GMMTV Artists project, tackling The Weeknd’s “Out of Time” and he did a brilliantly!

“Come Closer”, his official solo contribution to My School President is a lovely and romantic song. I can’t wait for this song to be available on iTunes, and it’s so damn good.

His voice is smooth, sensual, and just sweet as candy – which is precisely who Ford appears to be as a person. For more Ford, follow his social media Twitter and Instagram and, of course, listen/watch him on the official YouTube for GMMTV Records. 

Check out New episodes of My School President with new episodes uploaded every Friday on the GMMTV official YouTube page.