This episode was a lot of character development. Though it touched on a few plot points integral to the story. Bee and Prince step towards being an official couple, Dean and Pruek know that Win and Team are in a (complicated) relationship, and we get more about Team and Ton’s relationship. Ton is dead, by the way. Dead dead. He’s got a headstone and everything. Tul could be more stealthy. There were multiple times during a three-minute scene that all but told Wan, yeah, we’ve met. But Wan is entirely obtuse. 

This series is just as emotional as Until We Meet Again, even without the trauma/drama of reincarnation. I love seeing Win and Team’s relationship develop; I am 100% invested in Wan and Tul, and I adore Bea and Prince. 

The trip is coming up soon. I will be excited to see how the events of Until We Meet Again play out.

More Between Us soon so… 

Stay Tuned!