One of the things that I really loved about this series is how much I could relate to these characters. Not only are they (series-wise) my generation/age group, but there were storylines and scenarios that I could pull from each of them that made them even more relatable.

Champ’s connection to his grandfather was much like mine with my grandmother, so his storyline resonated with me. Gun’s relationship with his father was very close to mine with my mother when I first came out as a teenager. Finally, I was painfully shy as a child, and while I wasn’t mute by any means, I could relate to Name and his social awkwardness.

The only character I didn’t find common ground with was Nan, and that’s probably because of the actor playing him more than anything, and I would often fast-forward through his scenes. For anyone who doesn’t know, the actor playing Naknan, Mean Phiravich, was unnecessarily cruel (and borderline homophobic) toward another actor in a previous BL series he was a part of, so it’s still hard for me to watch him.

But personal feelings aside, the actors did a fantastic job with the series.

Title Teshin who portrayed Name, had me in tears almost every episode. As did Title Tanatorn’s Champ. The character was vulnerable, always stepping up to the breaking point but struggling to keep from falling apart. So, when he finally broke down in the finale, I was a blubbering mess right along with him.

While it took nearly the entire series for Em and Name to FINALLY become a couple, when they did, I cried again, this time happy tears. I absolutely LOVE the journey they’ve taken together, and it’s realistic, relatable, and just fantastic! Also, it’s just adorable.

As a whole, I found this series fascinating. I loved the nostalgia, though the sound of dial-up internet connecting still fills me with the anxiety of anticipation. The OST (Original Soundtrack) was fantastic, and each song was perfectly placed and fit the emotion of the scene.

Names final narration at the end, like the entire series had been the novel he was writing. I also love the fact that we never did discover his birth name – as Name was the nickname Em gave him, because he didn’t speak. The “special Moments” as the director’s cut were also sweet to see.

I am huge fan of JaFirst (Golf and Gun) and I initially started this series because I thought it was theres, and everyone else were just side characters. This was a true ensemble cast project and I loved it.

The series can be streamed in it’s entirety on GagaOOLaLa while Viki is still uploading the series. I do recomend it.

More BL reviews soon so…

Stay Tuned.