For me, 2022 has been the year of Snow Man. After discovering the group late last year (Thanks to the series My Love Mix-Up), they became part of my everyday routine. 

Whether it’s been learning about the guys for my Man Crush Monday posts, reviewing their numerous films and drama series, or even just listening to their music while I write (like I am right now), they have become a massive part of my life, and 「ブラザービート」 (“Brother Beat”) was one of my favorite songs of the year.

Release on 30 March 2022, this 60s-inspired rock track was featured as the theme to the group’s film Osomatsu-san (Mr.Osomatsu), which is one of the trippiest films I’ve ever seen, and (though yes, I’m biased) it’s just a damn good song! The group’s 6th single, 「ブラザービート」 sold 598,933 on the first day! It’s impressive on its own, but even more so considering that these sales are based on a PHYSICAL-ONLY release. It dominated the top spots of both the Japanese Billboard Oricon Charts and was certified Triple Platinum. Bandwagon has also included it as one of their top music videos for 2022.

I was thrilled it would be included in the group’s sophomore album Snow Labo. S2. 

I love this version of the song and how cute is Meguro’s pout face?.

The face Megro gave me after reading all my SouMinato 「silent」 comments.

The Blu-ray release of the Snow Labo concert will be available early next year, so… 

Stay Tuned.