Every episode of 609: Bedtime Story adds another layer to the series. The characters, their lives, and the overall story arc are getting more exciting and complex. It is one of those series you have to be focused on, and I am 100% here for it. 

This episode had Mum confess his true feelings for Dew, and though Dew admitted that he feels the same, he also (reluctantly) agreed to a relationship with his universe’s version of Mint. Which I don’t like. He’s clearly not that into her, but the girl won’t take the hint. Still, it was wrong of him to agree to date her when he’s riding Mum like the pretty pretty pony he is.

Mum makes Dew smile in more ways than one

However, I did very much enjoy seeing a dark version of Mint. Again, Dew shouldn’t have done what he did. Does he deserve to get shot? No. But, She is vindicated in her anger. She’s spent like 10 years trying to get him, and when she finally does, he’s in love with someone else. It’s rude. 

My beautiful Potae had very little screen time this episode, but he always lights up the screen whenever he’s on. 

Dreamy, streamy, Potae.

More 609: Bedtime Story soon so…

Stay Tuned!