Mandee Channel has released the official trailer for the Cutie Pie sequel mini-series Cutie Pie2 You and it looks adorable!

At twenty-one Kuea is graduating college and Lian Kilen officially proposes. However, Kiren gets an officer to become a star in Korea and so now Nuea has a choice to make: Marriage to the man he’s been waiting his whole life for, or international super-stardom?

The 4 episode series will premiere on 6 January 2023 and will run until 27 January and will stream (like the series) from Mandee’s official YouTube Channel.

The Cutie Pie: The Series box set will be released mid-February 2023 and does appear to include the special – at least on the DVD version (I am verifying with Mandee and will update). You can pre-order the series here.