This GMMTV answer to KinnPorsche hasn’t gripped me in the way that I thought it would. It’s not bad, I don’t dislike it, it just haven’t gotten that “wow” feeling like I have with other GMMTV series like My School President and The Warp Effect, but again, I don’t dislike it.

The third episode finds Nuengdiao requesting that Palm be treated as an equal to him. He also discovers that someone he thought was a friend was the one behind the cruel pranks being played on him at school. In a fight scene that played out after we get the first sense of how Palm really feels towards Nuengdiao. Nat Sakdatorn (who is one of my most favorite actors on the planet) portrays Nuengdiao’s uncle Khrit is a delicious villain. I didn’t think it was possible, but him playing a bad boy somehow makes him even more attractive to me (yes I have a type).

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