5. ) Candy Color Paradox – MBS (Japan) – 8 episodes

An enemies to lovers story, this one is set in the fast paced world of tabloid journalism.

4. Never Let Me Go – GMMTV – 12 episodes – GMMTV (Thailand)

Pod and Phuwin’s “Come back” series is a mafi-style (ish) drama that hooked me with the first episodes.

3.) Between Us – Studio Wabi Sabi (Thailand) – 12 episodes

A spin-off of the 2019 monster hit Until We Meet Again, this series focuses on Win and Team and the relationship we thought we knew.

2.) 609 Bedtime Story – WeTV (Thailand) – 11 episodes

I LOVE OhmFluke. I’ve loved them since Until We Meet Again. Not only are they featured in Between Us, but also this supernatural multiverse drama directed by the incredible Tanwarin Sukkhapisit.

1.) My School President – GMMTV (Thailand) – 12 episodes

This is the light-hearted rom-com I didn’t know I needed – and it’s very music oriented, which for me, makes it a total winner. It’s already been confirmed that Tinn and Gun will appear in Our Skyy season 2.

More BL Madness coming in 2023 so…

Stay Tuned!