Ever since I discovered Until We Meet Again Studio Wabi Sabi has become one of my go-to production companies for emotional dramas and Dear Doctor, I’m Coming For Soul did not disappoint.

I was raised on medical dramas and I’m also a huge fan of anything supernatural, so throw in a BL romance and Dear Doctor became that perfect storm series that had me on the edge of my seat every single week. So, when the series ended and there was no official announcement of a box set, my heart was in pieces. However, when the lovely people at CDJapan recommend a Japanese Blu-ray set of the series, I pre-ordered that very moment!

The boxset comes with a slipcase and a photobook, while the three disc set contains the entire series as well as bonus: Making Of feature.

If you want to order Dear Doctor, I’m Coming for Soul, please click here.

You can listen to the Japanese theme “Best You’ve Ever Loved” by Boy Sompob below.

More from Studio Wabi Sabi soon, so…

Stay Tuned!