This Thursday I am listing my top 10 series of 2022. There were so many that I honestly considered adding more, but the list would just keep getting bigger and bigger. So… here goes.

10. LOVE IN THE AIR – Me mind Y (Thailand) – 13 (+ Special)

Another series in the MAME universe, Love in the Air was one of those series that took me by surprise. After a manufacturing fiasco with my Don’t Say No box set led to a less than professional exchange with Me Mind Y, I actively wanted to hate this series. But despite my best efforts, I just couldn’t. If there is one thing MAME can do it’s tell a super-sweet but incredibly sexy story. And the cast was phenomenal. Every single one of them! This series was really really well done (and yes, I learned nothing from Don’t Say No and pre-ordered Love in the Air the minute I was able to).

09. MR. UNLUCKY HAS NO CHOICE BUT TO KISS – MBS (Japan) – 8 episodes

This was just a simple and silly, but super cute series, about The ever-unlucky Fukuhara Kota who, by a twist of fate ends up saved by the arms of the always lucky Shinomiya Naoya. Naoya falls in love with Kota almost immediately, though. itdoes take the latter a bit of time to realize he truly feels the same – and isn’t just using Naoya for his good luck. Sota Ryosuke is absolutely adorable as Kota while Sato Yusuke is drop dead dreamy as Naoya.

08. MIRACLE OF TEDDY BEAR – Channel 3, Netflix (Thailand) – 16 episodes

At sixteen 90-minute episodes, this series is the longest BL I’ve ever see, but it’s also one of the best. What started off as the cute and cuddly supernatural drama turned into a very important social commentary.

07. TRIAGE – AIS Play (Thailand) – 13 episodes

I grew up on Medical dramas, so I am very excited to include not one but two Medical Dramas on my BL list. This one introduced me to its parent series Manner of Death, and in turn the sexiness that is MaxTul! The twists and turns this eries took, especially in the last handful of episodes makes it a must watch.

06. KINNPORSCHE – Be On Cloud (Thailand) – 14 episodes (+ Special)

This series changed the whole freaking game! The write, the acting, the production – everything was Top notch! It’s the most cinematic series I have ever seen.

05. DEAR DOCTOR, I’M COMING FOR SOUL – Studio Wabi Sabi (Thailand) – 12 episodes

A medical series with a literal angel of death? Yes please!

04. CUPID’S LAST WISH – GMMTV (Thailand) – 10 episodes (+ Special)

EarthMix are one of my favorite GMMTV couples and in my opinion this series was very underrated. It’s a supernatural adventure story that is just funny and fun. There was an update of the couple with the Anthology series, The Magic of Zero.

03. SEMANTIC ERROR – Watcha (South Korea) – 8 episodes

This was the first BL I watched where one of it’s lead characters was on the spectrum. Like anything I’ve ever seen out of South Korea, it’s very well done.

02. VICE VERSA – GMMTV (Thailand) – 12 episodes

Written by JittiRain this series was seriously one of the best I’ve ever seen out of Thailand. It’s a body-swapping, universe jumping, love has no boundaries type of love story. And it will get a follow up with 2023’s Our Skyy season 2.

01. ETERNAL YESTERDAY – MBS (Japan) – 8 episodes

This was one of the most gut-wrenching series I’ve ever seen. One of the leads dies within the first two minutes. It’s about life, loss, and the enduring powers of true love.

Honorable mention: KabeKojiNekoyashikikun Desires to Be Recognized – ABC (Japan) 8 episodes

This series showed two very different people on opposite sides of the spectrum of depression. It was incredibly well done.

More BL Reviews soon so…

Stay Tuned!