‘Twas the Monday before Christmas and all through the web, all the readers were stirring, for some super hot men… I can’t go any further with this poem because with my dirty mind, it wouldn’t be the stockings that were hung. On that note, Allow me to introduce you to Thai Ohm Thitiwat, or as Fluke Natouch’s Pharm called him (a thousand? times) in the 17 episodes of Until We Meet Again

Born on 26 March 1997 Ohm first entered the entertainment industry when he competed in Channel 8’s Asia New Star Model Contest 2016. While he had a few support roles before Until We Meet Again, Dean was his first starring role – and it turned him into a Superstar! I can’t imagine why…

I mean seriously. I don’t have a clue.

Who wouldn’t want to get lost in his eyes?

Not a single clue.

Or the contours of his… everything?

Since appearing in one of the most popular BL drama’s in the world, Ohm and Fluke have starred in several series together including Close Friends, Oh! My Sunshine Night, and the currently airing 609 Bedtime Story. The two have also reprised their roles in the Until We Meet Again spin-off series Between Us.

Talented, and beautiful, this man has it all, oh! He also doesn’t seem to take himself even a little bit seriously – which is one of my favorite traits. 

As made crystal clear in the HYSTERICAL music video “ไม่แรดอยู่ยาก” from จ๊ะ Rsiam.

His newest drama 609 Bedtime Story is a much watch. Directed by Tanwarin Sukkhapisit it’s sexy, it’s sweet, and it’s supernatural – also Ohm appears on the soundtrack.

While Ohm may not be coming down my chimney this Christmas, Until We Meet Again has become a holiday staple so in a way I will get to wake up to him on Christmas Day.

More Ohm soon so…

Stay Tuned!