Well, the curse of episode 11 has not missed this series. While new romance has (FINALLY) started to blossom between Em and Name, it looks like it’s coming to an end for Golf and Gun – and to be honest, if I was in Gun’s shoes I probably would have done the same. I get it, Golf has a job, he loves his job, but he has 100% been neglecting Gun who has done but supported and adored him.

Em watches Name Sleep after (adorably) holding his hand all night

Nan is trying his hand at being a farmer, and Chompu is happy to have him back in her life, so good for him.

I’m worried about Champ. This kid is the poster child for the the “Surprise Death” in a series and I really hope it’s just me letting my mind travel down a dark, but totally benign road. He’s just lost so much and while he’s trying, you can tell the kid is depressed.

Next week (Christmas Day) is the finale. So…

Stay Tuned!