This was a nice and emotional episode. Simple, but poignant. It’s been revealed Ton, the boy Team was with at the pool as a child is not his brother. He was a friend, and he did drown. After what has felt like weeks of planning, the day of the open house has finally arrived. Prince and Bee officially know that the other likes them and Team and Win, and the rest of the world are aware, thanks to an Instagram post, about Dean and Pharm – who was largely missing from this episode (which is fine, it isn’t their story. They were off making out in an abandoned class – they were good). 

This episode did do something I didn’t expect and not something I’ve seen in a lot of BL dramas. A group of kids made derogatory and homophobic remarks about Dean and Pharm. I had to rewind because I wasn’t sure I heard it right. There are so few BL series that touch on actual homophobia, that it was a bit of a shock. But also, brought in a touch of the real world. 

Team of course was ready to fight, but luckily, Win pulled him away to calm down. I love how Win is developing in this series. In Until We Meet Again I thought he was just a walking hard-on – sexy AF but a walking hard-on nonetheless. In Between Us, he’s such a complex and caring character, still a walking hard-on, but he’s got layers now. Also, not to be outdone by Dean and Pharm in the classroom, Win pulls Team into a bathroom stall – after asking if he can. Consent is sexy and I am SO GLAD that it’s so prominent in this series. Win and Team have done the dirty multiple times, but Win still always asks Team if it’s okay first. 

Wan and Tul had a short interaction, but Wan is getting wise about what’s going on. Tul got some ‘splaining to do! They’re cute. Also, for only being seen at the end of the episode, let me just say how amazing Samantha Melanie Coates as Manow is. Also, Bosston – Dreamboat City. 

More Between Us soon so…

Stay Tuned!