One of the things that I love about the GMMTV series based on JittiRain novels is the music. As a music heavy series 2gether has an entire soundtrack, and while they’re all great – there are so many other great songs too!

5.) PRA AKE JUM LONG – Getsunova

It’s rare that the theme song isn’t done by one of the series’ stars, but I love this theme from Theory of Love.

4.) TEN YEARS LATER – Win Metawin

2gether: The Movie wasn’t exactly what I expected it to be (it was mostly a recap of the two series) but the music in it was amazing and this video from Win is just adorable!

3.) THE KEY – Jimmy Jitaraphol, Sea Tawinan

I’ve said multiple times how much I LOVE Vice Versa and this song is just so sweet.

2.) STUCK TO YOU – Max Jenmana

As the theme to 2gether, this is another song that just makes me want to get up and dance.

1.) FISH UPON THE SKY – Louis Thanawin.

This will forever be one of my absolute favorite songs – just because it’s sang by Louis and it’s so damn good!

More from the world of JittiRain soon so…

Stay Tuned!