Keeping with this weeks JittiRain theme, I decided to take a look back at the 2021 series Fish Upon the Sky. Another release from GMMTV, I first watched this series early on in my BL adventure (I think it was my third GMMTV series after He’s Coming to Me and Dark Blue Kiss) so I was not aware of how many easter eggs were hidden within its super-meta existence.

After becoming more familiar with GMMTV and their series, I came back to Fish. To quote my roommate “I cackled like an old witch who just caught two little fat kids trying to eat her house.” Now, I have a whole new appreciation for the series and everyone involved.

Adorkable Pi (Phuwin Tangsak)has a crush on Mueang Nan (Mix), one of the hottest students in the Allied Health Sciences Department. Lacking in confidence, however, Pi feels hopeless, until his older brother Duean (Neo Trai ) recruits his friends to give Pi a makeover: The hot-headed Koh (Winny Thanawin) – wherever he goes trouble follows, Yok (Euro Thanaset), a total chick-magnet, the wanna-be idol Jeans (AJ Chayapol) – with zero luck, and James (Satang Kittipop) – doesn’t talk much, but he’s an invaluable member of the group.

Koh (Winny Thanawin), Yok (Euro Thanaset), Jeans (AJ Chayapol), and James (Satang Kittipop)

Transforming from geek to chic, Pi finally has the confidence to approach Mueang Nan, but when he does his rival and arch nemesis Mork (Pond Naravit) is standing in his way. Pi despises Mork and wants to vanquish him (even though Mork and Mueang Nan are just friends). However, slowly, things start to change. he more time Pi spends with Mork, the more he finds himself becoming attracted to him.

Mork (Pond Naravit) carries a drunk Pi (Phuwin Tangsak) home on his back.

Pi isn’t the only one with boy problems. Duean keeps finding himself paired with Meen (Louis Thanawin) a total nerd who follows him around like a little lost puppy. Little by little however Duean realizes that his feelings for Meen are not so much agitation as they are affection. But he’s spent so much time being cruel and telling stories to Meen that will he still love him when he finds out the truth!?! It’s also revealed that Meen is Mork’s little brother – so it’s a total family affair.

Meen (Louis Thanawin) can’t keep his hands off Duean (Neo Trai )

As I mentioned previously, this series is incredibly meta and one of my favorite moments is when they are introducing Duan’s friends, specifically Jeans as the theme of 2gether is playing when he first turns towards the camera. Then, Jeans delivers Sarawat’s classic line “If you keep staring at me like that, I’ll kiss you until you drop.” What makes this scene so funny to me is that AJ’s twin brother JJ was one of the stars of 2gether – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are callbacks to F4 Thailand: Boy’s Over Flowers, A Tale of Thousand Stars (which starred Mix), and more. It’s just a really fun and well-written series. Fish Upon the Sky also features Jan Ployshompoo as Bam, Mork’s best friend whom he uses to make Pi jealous. A gifted comedienne, she’s one of my favorite actresses under GMMTV.

Like with 2gether, the soundtrack to Fish Upon the Sky is so incredibly good!

Mix’s What “Kind of Person?” is a synthpop dream that has been on constant repeat since I first watched the series. Louis sings the theme song “Fish Upon the Sky” and Meen might be a goober, but Louis is a stud. Period. End of story, exclamation point!

JittiRain is the woman of a thousand worlds and GMMTV has thus far been a good home for transposing her novels into series. I hope they do many more together

More BL Series, more GMMTV, and surely more JittiRain in the future so, as always…

Stay Tuned!