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When it comes to men in uniform. Is there anything sexier than a doctor? This week’s Man Crush hasn’t played on TV (yet), but he is one in real life! Yes, I am talking about the one and only Jitaraphol Potiwihok.

Better known by his nickname Jimmy, this sun-kissed muscled dreamboat first appeared in GMMTV’s monster-hit Bad Buddy as Wai, the snarky and hot-headed best friend of Pran (Nanon Korapat). He was such a delicious villain, you just loved to hate him. However, it was his role in Vice Versa that Dr. Jimmy won my heart. 

Written by JittiRain, mastermind behind Fish Upon the Sky, 2gether, Theory of Love, and Be My Favorite, it’s a supernatural romance drama (and one of my most favorite of all time). Jitaraphol played the role of Puen, an actor who found himself in another universe after crashing his car. While navigating this new world, he found Talay (Sea Tawinan) who ended up not only being the key back to their world but also the love of his life. 

Born on 21 August 1994 Jimmy joined GMMTV in 2021 with Bad Buddy being his very first time on screen. But he was already a successful doctor. When an actor was hurt on set during a fight scene on Bad Buddy Jimmy rushed to his aid, effectively saving the day and the shoot. 

It was recently announced that not only with Jimmy and Sea reprise their Vice Versa Characters in the GMMTV anthology series Our Skyy 2, but they will also have a new series together Last Twilight. Sea will play Day, a rich heir who is losing his sight. Jimmy will play Mork, a mechanic strapped with debt who becomes Day’s caregiver. 

Last Twilight coming in 2023 from GMMTV

More Men, More JittiRain, and More from GMMTV soon so…

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