Born on 4 October 1993 in Bangkok Atthaphan Phunsawat better known by his nickname Gun is a Thai actor who is considered to be one of the “pillar couples” of The GMMTV Boys Love genre along with his partner Jumpol Adulkittiporn aka Off (or Papi, as Gun so affectionately calls him).

The couple became a worldwide sensation after starring in the hit 2019 romantic comedy series Theory of Love. Based on the novel by Jitti Rain Third (Gun) is a film student who is in love with his best friend Khai (Off). But as the university womanizer, Khai, doesn’t look at Third in that way – at least not until Third decides it’s time to move on. Then all Khai thinks about is Third and how much he actually loves him. 

The series also stars Chinnarat Siriphongchawalit (Mike) as Bone a coffee shop owner who falls in love with a taken woman, Nawat Phumphotingam (White) as Two, a close friend of Khai and Third who falls for Aun, an actor, played by Pirapat Watthanasetsiri (Earth). 

Aside from being one of the stars of the series, Gun is also its most hilarious asset. There is an entire montage where Third is crying over Khai in the shower, but in one instance, the water is off so instead, he’s pouring a bottle of water over his face. It’s hysterical. 

Theory of Love however was not my introduction to the GMMTV Staple. I first watched him in the supernatural high school drama The Gifted, where he played Punn, who possesses the power of imitation. He also ability to master anything, which enables him to perfectly copy a skill by watching or studying but causes him to develop multiple personalities. His potential develops to being able to mimic and master the potentials of his fellow Gifted. 

Pun was such a tortured and terrifying character, and he could be so incredibly cruel. Pun was so dark and dramatic, that I was honestly intrigued at seeing how Gun handled the light-hearted comedy of Theory of Love. Especially after discovering how incredibly popular the series was. I was still very new to the BL world at the time and had only experienced a handful of GMMTV series. Needless to say, I was impressed. 

Punn Promo image from The Gifted

When Not Me premiered last December I was more than excited to not only see Gun play another dramatic role, but also two very different characters. Gun plays White, a studious and put-together young man who disguises himself as his twin brother Black to find out who in his gang of delinquent friends betrayed him and put him in a coma. The series touches on several serious social issues including LGBTQ+ equality (something still sadly lacking in Thailand despite the popularity of BL Dramas), the hardline division of the classes, and police corruption. The series is incredibly layered the little intricacies Gun place on the characters, to allow the viewer to differentiate between the two is so well done. For instance, Black’s voice is slightly lower than White’s and his movements are a little more jagged. There’s also a brightness to White, a general sense of joy whereas Black is nothing but shadows and sadness. Once again Gun was paired with Off who played Sean. Though he’s Black’s sworn enemy, White falls in love with him. In an after-series viewing, Gun makes a comment about how the moment Black wakes from his coma is the moment he and Sean are having sex for the first time. 

Some of the series Off Gun have starred in together.

Gun is also a bit of a social media fashion icon with over 5 million Instagram followers who refuses to conform to any sort of gender stereotype. He is who he is and he doesn’t seem to give two cents what you think about it – which honestly is one of the reasons why I love him so much. This year for Halloween He and Off did a Beetlejuice-themed photoshoot, where Gun wore an altered version of Lydia’s iconic red wedding dress. He looked amazing. 

Off also joined gun on a vacation for his 29th birthday celebration. Notoriously shy (except when Gun is present), Off was front and center celebrating. It’s clear the two have a very close relationship and it’s wonderful. 

The two even have a variety style series OffGun Fun Night where they often interact with other GMMTV Celebrities in their bedroom with often hysterical results (and fabulous onesies).

The pair will next appear in the 2023 romantic comedy series Cooking Crush from GMMTV.

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