I have committed an egregious error and I must apologize. In my post-Thanksgiving turkey haze, I watched Between Us episode 4 but forgot to post about it. Please forgive me.

This episode brings Win back home to be the middle-child mediator between his younger brother Wiew (Santa Pongsapak) and his elder brother Wan (O Puwanai). The two cannot agree on anything and Wan focuses all of his attention on a mobile game he’s playing with a user nicknamed T-Rex who ends up being Tul (Yacht Patsit) – whom I believe will be a romantic side-couple. 

Bee (Tae Weerapat) meets Prince (Benz Panupun) and the two partner up for class, though I suspect they will be another side-couple. 

It’s revealed in this episode that Manow and Pruek are already dating (something that we didn’t really see until the very end of Until We Meet Again, I am very glad that we are getting more of her story. Manow is such an integral part of Pharm and Team’s world, but she was always just one step away from the outside of the circle in Until We Meet Again – so it’s nice to see that being rectified here. 

Team is still coming to terms with his feelings for Win. Though he’s clearly falling for the boy, he’s not ready to fully accept it – but at least he’s started to stop running away from it. There is a moment between the two when Team has invited Win over for a horror movie and Win, afraid, hides his face in Team’s shoulder. Though short, it’s a moment where you see past his “tough guy” exterior and at the broken boy, Team is helping to heal. Yes Virginia it’s true, even tops need to be held sometimes. 

Dean and Pharm were not a major part of this episode, but it’s still right at the start of them spending any real time together. 

Again I apologize for the late post. In the future, I will do better.

More Between Us soon, so…

Stay Tuned.