This week we said goodbye to a few series, with others nearing the end as well. One thing I love about the BL world though is that there is ALWAYS a new series right around. the corner.


I did not expect this series to have such a happy ending. I thought it was going to be one of those tragic romances where both parties are left to suffer in silence – victims of their own choices. But in this case, Issei chose to follow his heart, which could have ended everything he’d worked so hard for – instead it made him more popular. At the same time, Mamoru was finally honest with himself about his true feelings for Issei and the two will (presumably) live out the rest of their lives side by side. 

Also, a special shout out to Yahagi Honoka who plays Momaru’s assistant Yamada Koharu for being one of the most loyal and lovable female side-kicks. 

AI LONG NHAI – Episode 8 – iQIYI

Ai’s mother appears. Woven from the same cloth as the Wicked Witch of the West, she sets out to tip his life into turmoil. This includes telling Nhai to break up with him. Yeah, she makes Joan Crawford look like Carol Brady. I hate parents like this – especially those who do not take an interest in their children’s lives until they are adults. You missed the chance to have a say. Stay in your lane. 


Big Dragon: The Series is a perfect example of why you should never judge a series by its first episode. This series started off so outlandishly silly and weird and that’s how I expected it to be for the entire 8 episode run. Yai (ISBANKY) being one of the most selfish and irritating characters ever to walk across my television screen. However, This series surprised me. Each episode got deeper with Yai transforming into a strong, caring, and beautiful character. Seriously – this series had no business making me cry like that. It was wonderful – and SPOILER – We get a SEASON 2!

REMEMBER ME – Episode 8 – GagaOOLala

In this weeks episode Golf’s suspicions were confirmed that Korn was actually Gun AKA Mr. 8. However, he wasn’t made, quite the opposite in fact and the two not only decided to get together, but also that they should move in with one another off campus. Chompu broke things off with Nan, which upsets him more than he (or his punk college friends) thought it would. Champ is grappling with everything going on with his grandfather, alone. Just when Name was about to swallow a bottle of pills in an attempt to end his life, his mother collapses. Presumably, she’s dead. This episode took a very dark turn.

More BL drama soon…

Stay Tuned!