Sometimes an escape from the terrors of the world is needed. These series offer a wonderful escape. Today, more than ever, I am grateful to them.

AI LONG NHAI – Episode 8 – iQIYI

Honestly, I have no idea what this series is about anymore. Absolutely NO IDEA, however. It doesn’t matter.


This series is so beautifully written. Mamoru is having a very hard time with everything, especially with how successful and beloved Issei is. He can’t handle (in his mind) being nothing – a nobody and tells Issei that they should never see one another again. It’s heartbreaking. 


Once again this series gets its own review. You can read it here. 

BIG DRAGON – Episode 6 – iQIYI

I absolutely LOVE where this series has gone. I love how much Yai has grown. He started as such an insolent little brat, but through his interactions with Mangkorn has grown into a kind and caring person who has now become a loving partner. I LOVE their date day at their time at the amusement park. It’s been an amazing journey. I am very sad that the series will end next week. 

REMEMBER ME – Episode 7 – GagaOOLala

Champ returns home to surprise his family but instead finds that his beloved grandfather is in the hospital. He’s furious at his parents and his sister for not telling him that he was sick. Gun and Golf are getting closer and Nan asks Chompu to be his girlfriend. Seeing all the images Em is posting at college, Name feels left out. Although he does have a new online friend he’s talking to – I fear that his “friend” is going to be a creeper. 

More BL Dramas soon So…

Stay Tuned!