It’s no secret that JPOP group Snow Man has had an incredibly busy 2022! Hit movies, hit television series, a record-breaking album release, and to top it off, they are the first group EVER to be brand ambassadors for Tiffany & Co. and while there are still a few weeks left in 2022, they’re already proving that they’re going to keep that same momentum for 2023!

Earlier today Johnny & Associates announced that group leader Hikaru Iwamoto and Koji Mukai will have a live and in-person showing at the Japan Expo Thailand! The two will be participating in a series of to-be-announced activities on Saturday, February 4th, at the CentralwOrld complex in Bangkok.

Mukai, who’s mother is Thai, is a native speaker of the language.

This will be Snow Man’s third year participating in the expo which is billed as “The biggest all-Japan event in Asia.” While their 2022 appearance was virtual, the did appear live at the event in 2020.

I will post more information as it becomes available, so…

Stay Tuned!