Since Between Us started I have found myself returning back to Until We Meet Again. Watching them in tandem with one another has been an absolute joy. They’re such wonderful compliments to one another. As each episode takes me deeper into the story, I am loving every second of it.

This episode finds Team grappling with what is transpiring between him and Win. Not only does he skip swimming club, but also class. He’s trying to avoid Win, which Win is aware of. This episode also introduces Bumblebee (Tae Weerapat) to his partner Prince (Benz Panupun) when he almost hits him with his motorcycle. More of Team’s childhood trauma is revealed and it involves him and his brother at a pool. From what I’ve seen from people who’ve read the book is that his brother drowns, so we will have that lovely little nugget of a trigger to look forward too.

Even still, getting to watch Team fall for Win little by little is absolutely wonderful.

Also Manow is still my BL Kween!

More Between Us next week so…

Stay Tuned!