Earlier this year the South Korean BL drama Semantic Error took the world by storm. 

Based on the webtoon of the same name the eight-episode series starred DKZ’s Park Jae Chan as Chu Sang Woo, a junior computer science major who is obsessed with rules, regulations, and above all else an orderly routine. When he puts his seniors on blast after leaving him to complete a group project on his own, several of them have their graduations canceled including Jang Jae Young (Park Seo Ham) a popular and fun-loving graphic design major, who is Chu Sang Woo’s polar opposite. Reeling with revenge Jang Jae Young sets out to make Chu Sang Woo’s life a living nightmare. While the junior tries to ignore the annoyingly obnoxious senior, something unexpected happens – the two start to develop feelings for one another! 

Chu Sang Woo and Jang Jae Young share a tender kiss

It’s incredibly well-written, and wonderfully its production value is second to none. The series was so popular it was recut and released as a theatrical film in August. Now, a special box set including both the series and the film is available for pre-order from Dear My Muse, however – there is a timeframe to pre-order and only the pre-order quantities will be produced – so this product will be incredibly rare. You must place the order before 23:59 KST on 24 November (06:59 PST) or you will not be able to purchase this set.

The set will come in two separate editions 

The CABINET Version: ($112.88 + shipping): a four-disc that includes the entire 8-episode series on disc one, the theatrical film on disc two. Disc three includes the script reading (32 minutes) as well as commentary on episode one. Disc four includes additional episode commentaries and behind-the-scenes. 

In addition to the discs, the set will also include some pretty enticing extras like photo cards, stickers, and access to additional digital content like wallpapers, frames, and stickers. The price is incredibly reasonable given all the extras included. 

The KNOCK Version: ($52.27 + shipping) a two-disc set that includes the entire 8-episode series on disc one while disc two includes the theatrical film version. The set also comes with a QR code card that gives digital access to some of the additional content included in the CABINET version. This was the set I chose and shipping to Los Angeles was under $30, so needless to say I am pretty happy.

Both versions come with subtitles including Korean, Chinese, English, and Japanese – and if you purchase both versions of the series, an additional poster is included (the poster will be folded). 

One in hand, I will do an additional review, so…

Stay tuned!