In 1987 a truly outrageous animated rockstar with cotton candy hair proudly proclaimed, “Music is Magic! Wonderous and mystical, it’s something of a miracle.”

It’s also one of my favorite parts of any BL series – and one of the major voices in BL music: Jeff Satur. 

He’s sung the theme song to numerous series, including IngredientsThe TuxedoMy Secret Love, Love Arena and the list goes on. His voice is sweet, smooth, and incredibly emotional. 

He was also one the stars in what can arguably be considered the biggest series of the year, KinnPorsche, playing the younger brother to one of the leads while at the same time romancing the young brother of the series’ other lead. 

He also provides the song Why Don’t You Stay to the series’ soundtrack. 

His youtube has some incredible covers, but my favorite has to be “How Far I’ll” Go from Moana.

Honestly, I could listen to this man sing the phonebook.

More from Jeff Satur, music and the BL genre in general so…

Stay tuned!