After last week’s incredible first episode, I was afraid the second would lose some of the magic – but it didn’t. 

As Team reflects on his actions with Win at the training camp and what losing his virginity (in what he currently believes is a one night stand) without protection might actually mean, Win has already fallen head over heels for him. It’s so apparent and gives a deeper understanding of his character and his pursuit of Team, so if you go back and rewatch Until We Meet Again, everything makes a little more sense.

Manow also still holds the crown of my favorite BL best friend. I am very much enjoying seeing the relationship between her and Pruek (Bosston Suphadach ) develop. 

The problem with telling a story whose timeline runs parallel to another series, especially one as beloved as Until We Meet Again, is that the devil will be in the details of walking a fragile line. These writers have to get from A to Z in the exact formation they did in the first story while making this one feel like it’s entirely different, and the writers of Between Us are doing just that. 

Dean and Pharm are still at the very beginnings of their relationship, with Team and Manaow just finding out that the two are even friends. There are also revelations from the original series, like the real reason Manow wasn’t able to take Pharm home the day the transformer exploded. She was meeting Pruek. Pharm also told a little white lie to Dean about Team picking him up because he didn’t want to bother him. Both scenarios were significant to the storyline of Until We Meet Again. While they were not as fateful to Team and Win’s story in Between Us, it shows how the friendship of the three freshers is strengthening – and I think it has been my favorite part of this series so far.

I am also thrilled that we still get flashes of In and Korn. Remember, we’re still at the very start of Until We Meet Again (the transformer explodes in episode 3), so we have a lot of ground to cover as Dean and Pharm realize who and what they are. I am interested in seeing how Team and Manaow deal with Pharm’s mental breakdown and how Win comforts Dean during the entire ordeal. If I’m being honest, it’s the one thing I feel was missing from Until We Meet Again – these kids are best friends, and they would want to be there for Pharm. Again, yes, Between Us is its own story, but it gives so much more depth to what happened in Until We Meet Again.

My only beef with the entire series so far has been Yacht playing the character of Tul instead of Mew. I don’t understand why he has a different name, but it may be explained later (it’d be an easy fix). Otherwise, I will enjoy seeing how Tul’s relationship develops with Win’s older brother Wan (O Puwanai). 

Also, the end scene of this episode, but like the last… wow.