What a week, am I right? Secrets, Truths, a rogue basketball. So much has happened in the world of BL.

AI LONG NHAI – Episode 6 – iQIYI

Who knew a gently tossed basketball could cause so many problems! At this point, I fully support putting Nhai, the gentle and fragile ducky into a plastic bubble. But again, Ai proves himself to be boyfriend of the year, even if sometimes he can also be a clueless top who hurts his bottoms super fragile feelings (again, bubble – get into it Nhai). Ton is as clueless in this version as he was in the GMMTV, but I find it more endearing here. Yes, this series is ridiculous, but it’s fun. 


This episode had very little to do with the main couple, but instead focused on Tsubasa (Tateishi Toshiki) as the leader of Shiny Smile. It shows the truth behind the photo that caused the scandal in the previous episode and everything we thought we knew about his character is turned on its head. His back story involves his younger brother and a tragic accident. 

In a shocking twist you discover that his character is actually a really good guy – which kind of bums be out because I really wanted him to be the villain who got his comeuppance in the end. It was a sweet episode though, I very much enjoyed it. 


A throwback episode to a time when Koichi was still alive and a trip he and Mitsuru took the previous summer to go camping by the sea. While not directly related to the current events of the series, the episode gives pertinent insight into the characters’ lives and the relationship between them. While on the trip, Mitsuru, through an internal dialog, reveals that not only does he know he’s gay, but that he also has feelings for Koichi. But he’s also afraid of being rejected. He even daydreams about a scenario where Koichi cold-heartedly leaves him. 

The two end up having an argument, with Mitsuru running away. Koichi follows him, and it’s revealed that Mitsuru’s romantic feelings for him are reciprocated. The two kiss. So basically, what’s revealed in this absolutely adorable episode is that… Koichi didn’t just push his friend out of the way of the truck. He pushed his lover. He sacrificed himself too save the man he loved. They’re a couple. They’ve been a couple for over a year. Mitsuru lost his boyfriend.

(Note: The trailer for next week’s episode is a bedroom scene that is giving me serious zombie vibes and I am HERE FOR IT!). No cap. I am going to buy this series when it’s released on Blu-ray. I know we’re only three episodes in, but it’s already my favorite for the 4th quarter of 2022 (and if it plays its cards right will be my absolute favorite of the year!).

LOVE IN THE AIR – Episode 12 – iQIYI

I have been waiting for Leon (Smart Chisanupong) from Don’t Say No since I saw him in the opening credits. It was a thirty second scene. That’s it.

BIG DRAGON – Episode 5 – iQIYI

A lot happened in this episode. Almost too much. I kind of got whiplash…

Picking up where espied 4 left off, Mangkorn and Yai are fighting in the street. It starts to rain, Mangkorn takes Yai back to his place. The two are ripping each other’s clothes off before they even get through the door. They make sweet, sweet love. The next morning, Mangkorn is a romantic. Yai and his bodyguard buddies clean the house while Mangkorn is at university. Mangkorn’s fiancé shows. She takes a few things, and kind of confuses Yai. Then she meets someone at a cafe, but I can’t tell if it’s her sister or (maybe) a girlfriend? 

Yai confronts Mangkorn, and Mangkorn tells him he’s engaged. Yai doesn’t know what to do, so he gets drunk. He sings a song to Mangkorn, but Nine takes him home. Mangkorn walks up to find Nine kissing Yai.

See. It was a lot. It’s less ridiculous than when it started, but I like the change. I’m already hooked. This is a great series. 

REMEMBER ME – Episode 5 – GagaOOLala

There are some real “Growing up” moments in this episode. Gun is trying to figure out how to tell Golf the truth. Champ is dealing with the stress of loneliness (I’m also terrified Grandpa is going to die soon). Nuck-Nan discovers the girl he’s been chatting with, Chompu, is disabled (she’s wheelchair-bound). Em is incredibly busy, which makes Name feel left out – he also gets some tough love from his mother, making her remember her fights with her own mother. 

BETWEEN US – Episode 1 – iQiYI

This title will be getting its own post. So… Stay Tuned!