If I am being 100% honest, Until We Meet Again was a series I actively avoided. Suicide is a subject I actively try to avoid in my entertainment choices. It wasn’t until I’d already seen Lovely Writer with Kao Noppakao and the film Red Wine in the Dark Night starring Fluke Natouch that I finally decided to give it a shot. It was a decision I’m glad I made. I loved the series, which has become one of my all-time favorites. So, like a lot of UWMA fans, I’ve been (not so) patiently waiting for Between Us

As if.

But, the wait is FINALLY over! Between Us is officially streaming on the iQIYI app! and I couldn’t be happier!

Focusing on the relationship between Win (Boun Noppanut) and Team (Prem Warut), who played the best friends of UWMA’s main present-day couple, Dean and Pharm, respectively, Between Us will run congruently to the events in the previous series. Also, Dean (Ohm Thitiwat) and Pharm (Natouch) will be supporting characters in this series along with Samantha Melanie Coates, who returns as Team and Pharms thirsty third musketeer Manow. 

The cast of Until We Meet Again (2019)
The Cast of Until We Meet Again (2022) a the premiere of Between Us

The first episode was everything I could have asked for, right down to the familiar underscore. It even featured a flashback of Dean and Pharm’s past-life selves, Korn (Noppakao) and In (Earth Katsamonnat). I was surprised how much Dean and Pharm were featured in this episode, I expected them to make little pop-up appearances here and there, but it looks like they will be featured as an actual side couple – which honestly makes me very happy. 

Also, it opened with a shirtless Win getting ready for the day, posing like the sexy sweetheart he appears to be.

Who wouldn’t want to wake up to Boun this in the morning?

The story also dives deeper into the lives of Win and Team, which we didn’t really get into Until We Meet Again. Win has two younger brothers, and there has been some kind of traumatic event in the past, both of which will add new depths to these familiar characters. There are also new side characters to explore A (Art Pakpoom). Bee (Tae Weerapat) and Sea (Ryu Pakphum) seem like they’ll be fun. Bosston Suphadach returns as Pruek, who becomes Manaow’s love interest, and though it’s confusing, Yacht Patsit, who played Mew in the first series, returns, but as a different character, Tul. Our first introduction to Tul is Win interrupting what sounds like a vigorous session of self-love (similar to his introduction in Love by Chance). 

The uncut 53-minute episode (airing on iQIYI) easily incorporated episodes one and two of Until We Meet Again into this series while developing a new and familiar story. This isn’t UWMA: The Win and Team perspective, though it is nice to see additional scenes that continue where UWMA left off. There is a particular moment between Team and Pharm where. The former comforts his friend after he meets Dean for the first time in the supermarket. Pharm doesn’t know why he’s upset, but Team is there to support him anyway. It’s something Win (unseen by the two besties) sees, and it’s the moment Win falls in love with him. 

The episode ends with an incredibly steamy scene I was not expecting to see. Knowing Team and Win hook up at the first team trip fills in several holes of UWMA, and it was wonderfully done. 

Win and Team get steamy

Seriously, I will be living for Sundays for the next 11 weeks.

Yes, I know this is from UWMA I just love their spunky relationship

There will be more Between Us. Stay tuned.