It’s been six long months since we bid farewell to Kuea and Lian and the rest of the incredible cast of Mandee Channel’s Cutie Pie: The series  – but this week, it was announced that the box set for the series is finally available for pre-order! 

The set will come in two different versions. Boxset et A will include physical DVDs, while boxset B will consist of a USB Drive of the series – both have English & Chinese subtitles. 

Each box set will include a plethora of different extras that are unique to each box set. This means psycho fans like myself will be purchasing both boxes. 

Boxset A – $135.00

 – DVD special (uncut, deleted scenes, behind the scenes)


 – Photobook Indoor: A5 ( 80 pages )

 – 6 characters Keychains (version A)

 – Never-before-seen Postcard A 4×6 (6 pcs)

 – Special Cards A (10 pcs)

Box Set A

Boxset B – $145.00

 – Uncut, deleted scenes, behind scenes

 – Kiren Mini dolls – 

 – Photobook Outdoor A5 (80 pages)

 – 6 characters Keychains (version B)

 – Never-before B 4×6 (6 pcs)

 – Special Cards B (10 pcs)

I admit freely that I only purchased Boxset A because it included the CD soundtrack, but the photo books and keychains were also lovely incentives. Otherwise, the digital USB would have been fine. 

Mandee has been company. I previously purchased the Why R U series from Mandee, and the extras were incredibly well-made. Again, I like that they include their soundtracks on CD – The files that come on most USBs are .mp3 which are truncated, and as an audiophile, it makes me cry. So I am grateful for Mandee to include a CD. Especially since NuNew (Kua/Kiren) has such an incredible voice. 

Available now for pre-order through eThaiCd, the sets are scheduled to be shipped in February 2023. For more information on Cutie Pie: The Series please follow their official instagram.