Do you remember that TikTok song from earlier this year, the one using Superfruit’s GUY.exe “Oh, I wish I could synthesize a picture perfect guy: Six feet tall and super strong, we’d always get along….” 

Yeah, that one – good luck getting that out of your head in the next few hours (#sorrynotsorry). 

Well, I found the guy they were wanting to synthesize. His name is Jesse Lewis, and as the center for the Japanese pop group SixTONES (pronounced STONES), he checks every box of the viral challenge, and then some!

Jesse in SixTONES「Strawberry Breakfast」Music Video

He’s exactly 6’ tall, with bright eyes and perfectly tousled hair (which never seems to say the same color for very long).

He’s got the coolest hair..

Also, have you seen him shirtless?

and the most AMAZING body!

Super Strong? ✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓ (x 5,000)

Beyond the beauty, though, he also seems like a super sweet guy. Based on some of the interviews I have read, he always mentions his grandmother and how she keeps their house filled with flowers. 

As fellow Grandma’s Boy, I am sure we’d always get along – very well.

Born on 11 June 1996, Jesse joined Johnny & Associates at the age of ten, and on 1 May 2015, became a member of SixTONES. The group’s debut announcement (and their signing to Sony Music Japan) was announced at a Johnnys Jr. concert at Tokyo Dome on 8 August 2019. At the same time, it was announced that another Jr. group Snow Man would also debut. They are the first groups in the company’s history to debut simultaneously. 

SixTONES “Imitation Rain” promo

Since their debut, Jesse and the rest of SixTONES have enjoyed hit after hit.

Their first album, 1ST (released 6 January 2021), topped both the Oricon and Billboard Japan charts, selling over 467,000 copies in Japan in its first week. Their second album City (released 5 January 2022), also topped the Oricon charts. The album’s lead single, “Rosy,” is the theme for the Japanese dub version of Spider-Man: No Way Home.

As an actor, Jesse’s CV is also incredibly impressive. He’s starred in films like 2019’s Shonentachi (which also includes members of SixTONES, Snow Man, Naniwa Danshi, and Travis Japan) and series like the currently airing Saisho was Paa. On stage, Jesse has also starred as George II, so to check another box from GUY.exe, the man is incredibly versatile. 

A small selection of Jesse’s film, television, and stage work

Jesse is the total package and exactly the type of guy Superfruit was talking about in GUY.exe.

A little bit of Jesse is never enough!

So there you have it folks. To be honest…

As I continue my adventures through the wonderland of Johnny & Associates, I keep finding new sounds and some of the most beautiful men I have ever seen. Seriously. Where do they find these guys? Adonis R Us? So, there will be more Johnny’s guys soon….

Stay tuned!