One of the cutest BL comedies of the year is finally on blu-ray!

Promo image for Mr. Unlucky Has No Choice but to Kiss!

Fukuhara Kota (Sota Ryosuke), an unlucky since birth college junior, has a literally life-changing experience when he meets the ever-lucky (and incredibly handsome) Naoya Shinomiya (Yusuke Sato). The popular dreamboat saves his life, and the two become friends. While initially, Kota wants to be close to Naoya because he cancels out his bad luck, real feelings start to develop between the two young men, and throughout the series 8 episodes, they fall in love.

Produced by MBS and based on the webcomic by Tsuyu Gamoko, this sugar-sweet and comically cute series is fun and fantastical fluff!

The three-disc blu-ray set is loaded with extras! There is a visual commentary (in episode one), some multi-angle footage of Kota and Naoya’s first kiss, an unreleased take from episode 8 (finale), making-of, clean opening and ending credits, as well as the trailer and a photo/information book. The only thing missing from the series is the music video for the theme song “Perfect” by OCTPATH

The set can be purchased from online retailers like CD Japan, Neokyo, and Yes Asia!

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