Even if you’re a remedial BL Fan, you are at least aware of KinnPorsche. The action/adventure mafia romance was one of the most anticipated and highly rated series of 2022. Between its writing, acting, and cinematic production values, it changed the game as far as the BL series are concerned. The series was so popular that even Rollingstone Magazine wrote about it.

One of the aspects that made KinnPorsche so popular was that so much of the cast is incredibly musical. So, when it was announced that an official soundtrack was being released on CD, I have never hit pre-order so fast in my life.

I order any and all Thai-BL related merchandise directly from eThai CD. They are fast, friendly, have the best customer service I have ever dealt with in my entire life.

As a two disc set, the first disc includes the original soundtrack songs:

1. Slot Machine – เพียงไว้ใจ (Free Fall / Thai version)
2. Slot Machine – Free Fall (English Version)
3. Jeff Satur – แค่เธอ (Why Don’t You Stay)
4. Barcode – เพลงนี้ชื่อว่าเธอ (This Song is Called You) – Chay’s song for Kim
5. Aek (Season Five) – ย้อนแย้ง (Contradict)
6. Jeff Satur – Why Don’t You Stay (English / Tour version)

Disc two includes the different score versions of the Theme Free Fall used throughout the series.

1. Free Fall (Lovely mood)
2. Free Fall (Love)
3. Free Fall (Love 2)
4. Free Fall (Acoustic 1)
5. Free Fall (Acoustic 2)
6. Free Fall (Acoustic 3)
7. Free Fall (Sad mood)
8. Free Fall (Suspense)
9. Free Fall (Heroic mood)
10. Free Fall (Action)

Presented in a slipcase with a digipack The set also includes:
– A 52 page Photobook
– Postcard
– Random Card (1 of 16)

At $85 dollars (with discount) from eThai, it’s not a cheap set by any means, but as a massive fan of the series (and an audiophile) I was able to justify the price tag.

With most of the cast currently on a world tour to promote the series, there will be more KinnPorsche news soon. So…

Stay tuned!