GMMTV series will always have a very special place in my heart as they were my introduction to this incredible world of entertainment. They also introduced me to the beauty Pirapat Watthanasetsiri – better known by his nickname Earth and his adorable relationship with Sahaphap Wongratch, better known as Mix. 

EarthMix showing their PRIDE in Bangkok (2022)

They are a pillar among the BL community who have appeared in several series, stage productions, and concerts together. They’ve become so popular and have done so many projects together that it’s hard to believe that their flagship series, A Tale of Thousand Stars, wrapped up its ten-episode run in 2021. 

Mix and Earth as Tian and Phua.

Mix stars as Tian, a spoiled and self-absorbed little brat from an incredibly wealthy family. He eats bad food, drinks too much, and generally lives like he’s got nine lives when – in fact – he has a heart condition that could very well end this life much sooner than it should. 

Phua (Earth) is the Chef mountain rangers. The rough and tumble type he has very little time (or tolerance) for incompetence and anyone who could put the village and the people he loves at risk.

Earth as Chief Hotness

Torfun (Aye Sarunchana) is a volunteer teacher at a remote mountain village who doesn’t come from money but loves every moment of her life. However, upon her return to the city, she’s struck by a speeding car and killed. Her heart is given to Tian. 

Earth and Aye as Phua and Torfun: Mountain besties 4 ever (at least until Torfun dies)

Given a second chance, Tian becomes obsessed with finding the heart’s owner, and when he discovers the heart belonged to Torfun, he decides to become a volunteer teacher at the same mountain village – to honor her. Tian learns about her life through a series of journal entries that reveal insight into the villagers and their life. Included is her promise to count a thousand stars with Phua

Tian keeps the secret that he’s got Tofun’s heart from everyone, including Phua, who keeps the secret that Torfun is dead from everyone else. 

Phua and Tian stare one another down.

Phua is a stern and serious man who takes his job of protecting the villagers very seriously. Seeing Tian as a city boy used to a posh lifestyle, he and his rangers have bets about how long Tian will last. But with his new lease on life, Tian does his best to prove them all wrong. While working in the village, he becomes very invested in protecting them from a group of “businessmen (read: gangsters)” who have been taking advantage of their simple lifestyle and lack of formal education. 

Even though he makes mistakes, Tian’s heart is in the right place because he knows this was the right place for Torfun. Slowly romance begins to bloom between Tian and the hard-nosed Phua. Secrets are revealed, and the men Tian stood up to prove to be far more dangerous than anyone could have imagined. 

Tian hoping Phua wakes up after a dangerous attack

Though there are tears and more than one brush with death, the series ends, like most GMMTV series with one hell of a kiss for Phua and Tian. There’s also a hysterical mid-credit scene that shows the two (trying) to get at it.

Phua and Tian about to get BIZZZZ AYYYYY

This was a series I bought sight unseen from eThai CD because, to be honest, I saw an image of Earth and thought he was one of the most beautiful men I’ve ever seen. I thought it was a fantasy series (it is not). I wasn’t disappointed, and this series has become one of my absolute favorites. 10/10. 

This scene prompted my purchase of A Tale of Thousand Stars

While purchasing the box set of A Tale of Thousand Stars is becoming increasingly difficult (GMMTV does a one-and-done run on their series), it can be viewed on GMMTV’s official YouTube.

More Retro BL Reviews soon, so…

Stay Tuned!