A handsome face is lovely, but an infectious smile… Well, in the words of 80’s Punk-Rock Pop Queen Belinda Carlisle, “I get weak.” And ain’t nobody have a smile like Tatsuya Fukazawa.

My favorite moment of the Snow World Music Video

Born on 5 May 1992, he is the eldest member of the J-pop idol Snow Man but possesses one of its most youthful spirits. He’s got that je ne sais quoi that makes him incredibly endearing.

If I’m going off looks alone, then, yes, the man is beautiful, but it’s his sense of humor that really drives fans wild. Me, I’m fans.

Yeah, He knows he’s sexy.

When Snow Man performed the Fu-kkin Taiko (abs drum) from Takizawa Kabuki at the Johnnys Jr. 2019 concert, Fukazawa almost caused pandemonium when he licked his lips and caused a sea of women (and probably some men) to scream with desire. Seriously, the dude’s got it – I was watching from the comfort of my air-conditioned Hollywood apartment. I still had to fan myself with my Meme fan (don’t worry, I turned his face away from the screen so he wouldn’t get jealous).

But, in case you’re curious about Meme’s reaction to Fukazawa’s comic sexiness

Fukazawa, who goes by the nickname Fukka or Tatsu, was one of the original members of Snow Man along with Iwamoto, Watanabe, Miyadate, Sakuma, and Abe, back when the group was called Mis Snow Man. It also included Sanada Yuma and Nozawa Yuki (who were later moved to form the Johnny’s Jr. duo “noon boyz.”

Mis Snow Man including Sanada Yuma and Nozawa Yuki

As Snow Man’s Sub-leader, Fukazawa and the group’s leader Hikaru Iwamoto seem incredibly close.

The Boys in Charge: Fukazawa and Iwamoto

While he hasn’t acted in as many dramas and films as some of his group mates, when he is on the screen, he just lights it up. Seriously, between his light-bright smile and energetic personality, I just love watching him. 

While he seems totally comfortable being goofy and cute, the man also sweats sex appeal.

Tatsuya Fukazawa: Cover Boy

Also, his portion of Snow Man’s Tiffany & Co. ad shows him as the suave and swoon-worthy heartthrob he is.

Fuka the Dream Boat

See the entire add below.

More Fuka and Snow Man coming soon.

Stay Tuned!