This week brought us a lot of happy endings in more ways than one.

OH! MY SUNSHINE NIGHT – Finale – AIS PLAY (YouTube Subscription)

Bette Davis taught me to never say anything bad about the dead (or ended), only good. Oh! My Sunshine Night has ended. Good. Also, Rain and Payu go the shaft – and not in the fun way.

AI LONG NHAI – Episode 5 – iQIYI

Ai is that perfect boyfriend who would give his left kidney to his boyfriend, the newest iPhone. Nhai is that clueless boyfriend who would take the latest iPhone and trade it for a cute rubber ducky because it’s so cute. He’s just adorably clueless. 

Nothing too exciting happens in this episode except that we have finally met this universe’s version of Chonlathee (Save Saisawat), played by Khaotung Thanawat in the GMMTV version. Chon sees Tonhon (Gun Tieosuwan) while out to dinner. He goes out of his way to avoid him but does get a moment when Nhai. 


As outlandish and comical as this series is, it does an excellent job of showing two very different extremes of how very damaged people deal with depression. Issei is the every-smiling, almost blinding ray of sunshine, while Koji has placed himself in perpetual darkness. But while their relationship is building, the two old friends are starting to find ways to meet one another in the middle. It’s a fascinating series. 


Picking up at the very same beat episode one ended on, Mitsuru is screaming at Koichi’s dead body. Even though he’s begging him to wake up, he’s shocked when it happens. He can’t believe his friend is alive, let alone talking and moving like nothing’s happened – even though some of his joints are out of place and he’s got a massive gash in his side. Thinking fast, Mitsuru pops his hip back into place and helps him limp to safety. After revealing to their classmates what’s happened and that Koichi is a living corpse, Mitsuru becomes incredibly afraid that his best friend will rot from the inside out. So, he does what anyone in his position would do: He blackmails the doctor with whom his father is having an affair – to run some tests. While the results are inconclusive as to what Koichi is – he’s got no heartbeat but is somehow breathing – she does conclude that his body seems to be frozen in the moment he died. While unsure if his wounds will heal, at least he shouldn’t decompose. 

LOVE IN THE AIR – Episode 11 – iQIYI

Sky finally lets Prai in. While next week’s episode is the finale, it’s already been announced that the series will have a special episode that will air sometime next month. If Me Mind Y pulls another stunt like they did with the Don’t Say No I’m-still-so-mad-I-could-spit “Special,” I am closing the book on this company forever. Love in the Air has been a dream. I hope everything ends on a note that doesn’t have me screaming at my screen in frustration. 

THE ECLIPSE – Finale – GMMTV YouTube

This strange and wild ride of a series has come to an end. There are still a few things I am confused of, mainly, is the Mary Kay Letourneau vibe between Teacher Sani (Ploy Phatchatorn) and Wat (AJ Chayapol) intentional?

BIG DRAGON – Episode 4 – iQIYI

After dropping the surprise bomb that Mangkorn was engaged in, this episode picks up at the very next beat. Mangkorn is not happy about the situation he’s been put in, and all he wants is to speak to Yai. But Yai, who doesn’t know that Mangkorn has gotten a new phone, ignores his calls. Feeling dejected, he isn’t the nicest to Mangkorn when he sees him again. He also almost breaks his legs jumping to conclusions he knows nothing about. In the end, though, Yai is feeling pretty good about Mangkorn – So this week’s episode got a happy ending. Also we got our first glimpse at the romance blossoming between Park (Fong Bovorn) and Phong (JJ Rathasat).

REMBER ME – Episode 4 – GagaOOLala

The guys are just getting a taste of college life. Some seem to be handling it better than others, but it’s evident that every single one of them is growing up fast. This series is going for the slow burn, and it’s already such an emotional series (in the best way possible). While I am much more interested in the EmName story than GolfGun, it isn’t because the main couple is annoying or obnoxious about the characters or their story. I just really enjoy how Em and Name are developing. As a “slice of life” series, it’s very well done and super nostalgic.