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I have a confession. I have a weakness for a man in uniform and Thanatsaran Samthonglai (better known by his nickname, Frank), looks REALLY GOOD in uniform.

Born 12 July 2000, the 22 year old Thai native was one of my favorite actors under GMMTV. As a lead in the series ‘Cause You’re My Boy and as one of the side couples in the 2gether franchise, he’s a versatile actor who straddles the line been adorable and dangerously handsome with perfection.

Frank: The innocent bad boy

On  8 April 2021 Frank took part in the army draft (Red-black card conscription lottery) and drew “a red card” at a selection center in Saphung district, Loey province. This meant he had to enlist in the Royal Thai Army Division 2. He began his military training at Adison Military Camp, Muang district, Saraburi province on 3 November 2021. His service will last anywhere from 18 to 24 months.

While fans thought they’d have to wait after his service was hove for a series, it was announced that he would be a part of the erotic drama Love Syndrome.

While it’s not his first project since leaving GMMTV, it his the most anticipated to-date. It also looks incredibly steamy.

A steamy still from LOVE SYNDROME

The series also stars a plethora of incredibly beautiful men.

The beautiful cast of LOVE SYNDROME

Have I mentioned how good Frank looks in camo?

While the official airdate has yet to be announced, you the trailer for LOVE SYNDROME trailer below.

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