I love it when I find a BL drama that is light-hearted and so happy it’s almost like a fantasy. You know, the ones where nothing bad ever happens to the main couple, who are in love from the start, and it’s just like we’re watching a little slice of heaven. 

So, about Eternal Yesterday

Mitsuru (Inoue Sora) and Koichi (Komiya Rio) in a publicity image for Eternal Yesterday

Based on the novel Eien no Kino by Eda Yuuri, the series starts with the clever and popular Koichi (Komiya Rio) walking in the rain with the sullen and shy Mitsuru (Inoue Sora). Sharing Koichi’s umbrella, the two talk and laugh about nothing in particular, looking all cute and close in the rain. 

Koichi holds the umbrella for his friend

Seriously, adorable. Right?


But we don’t know that yet. Instead, the episode goes back in time and shows how these two beautiful boys became friends. Long story short, Koichi didn’t like that Mitsuru (who he calls Mit-chan) always appeared to be alone.

They ate lunch together, spent time at each other’s homes, and ALWAYS walked to and from school together, even in the rain. This brings me back to the Tragedy. 

The lonely umbrella

Koichi heroically pushed Mitsuru out of the way of a truck. Getting hit himself, he’s suddenly now here to be found. Frantic, Mitsuru finally finds his friend Koichi’s body in a nearby field. 

And just like that…

Now, semantics are important. Mitsuru did not say Koichi had died. He said, “Koichi had become a corpse). There is a difference.  

Eternal Yesterday can be veiewed on both Viki and GagaOOLala

Is this the first Zombie BL? If so, I am TOTALLY here for it. 

Stay tuned!