Obscenely long music video breaks, lotion bottle fellatio, and an eclipse bombshell! This week has me spinning y’all.

OH! MY SUNSHINE NIGHT – episode 16 – AIS PLAY – (Premium YouTube)

This series. I don’t even know what else to say.  Between the random music video breaks, Kim’s friend’s hooking-up outside (literally around the corner from a party – while they were both SOBBING) and just, the all around weirdness… I don’t know. However, I’m invested. I can’t stop. No matter how much I want too.

Anyway! Here’s a Rain and Phayu in the shower.

I’ve invested so much time I’m going to finish but.. ugh. Also…

I’m pretty sure Phayu let the python in, himself. Probably multiple times.


Okay, so this series is silly, very silly, but it’s supposed to be and it balances the humor with moments of real honesty. I really like that we got a but of Issei’s backstory and got to see Koji’s family life (His mom is hysterical). I’m really liking this series, I think it’s ALOT of fun. 

AI LONG NHAI – Episode 4 – iQIYI

This series is fluffy and cute, but Nhai is super inconsiderate of Ai and his feelings. He’s also just very lackadaisical about EVERYTHING. Which I find annoying. I do like all of the actors, and the story is growing on me, but if I was Ai, at this point, I’d just tell Nhai to come back when he figures his life out because, in my opinion, it feels like he’s being taken advantage of.


What I like about this series is that while it doesn’t take itself even remotely seriously, there are sweet and serious moments mixed with outlandish ones. Still wanting to make sure their Sex tape is removed from Mangkorn’s possession, Yai comes up with a plan to steal it back. However, he is not a smooth criminal; as punishment, Mangkorn tells him to call him “Boss” and to service his every whim (which, honestly, Yai seems REALLY eager to do). But, instead of Mangkorn’s dragon, he gets a bottle of lotion shoved into his mouth. After that, the two start to open up to one another (emotionally, not physically), and you can see a change in both of them. Park and Phong are still adorably clueless and provide a whole other level of comedic relief to a series that’s just this side of having a laugh track. A significant plot point is revealed at the end of the episode, and it’s going to cause MAJOR problems for Yai and Mangkorn.

LOVE IN THE AIR – Episode 10 – iQIYI

Sky is falling for Prapai and Prapai knows his playboy days are done. While I still believe that Prapai was a walking red flag in the beginning, he’s growing on me. With next week being this arc’s version of episode 11 I am nervous to see what they do. What dark, twisted, and bizarre surprise does MAME have up her sleeve for us?

THE ECLIPSE – Episode 10 – GMMTV Official YouTube

Okay, someone call Debbie Gibson because In this episode dropped a major OUT OF THE BLUE bombshell that Teacher Chadok (Yai Vacharakiat) was not only in love with Aye’s Uncle Dika (Ron Patarapon) but that they were also engaged! It should be noted, that up to this point it’s been believed that Teacher Chadok has been the series villain. HAHAHAHA NOPE!

Dear Thua,

I still love you Louis, but no cap, Thua…. Your friends forgave you WAY FASTER and WAY MORE EASILY than you deserved.

The series is doing a very good job of tackling mental health and emotional trauma though.

REMEMBER ME – Episode 3 – GagaOOLala

This episodes takes the boys through the rest of high school, the university entrance exams, and the eventual parting of ways where Name is left behind. Once again Name speaks to Em, making him promise, in a very emotional moment, to come back. He does. He also promises to MSN Name every single day.

More BL reviews soon, so Stay tuned!