Though the send-off for the KinnPorsche world tour was two weeks ago, it was recently brought to my attention that the event gave all the money it raised to patients with HIV.

While already popular, KinnPorsche has thrust the BL Genre into the stratosphere and was even mentioned in Rolling Stone Magazine.

Though it’s been decades since HIV/AIDS was called the “Gay Disease” – it was one of the reasons so few governments were willing to do much (if anything) to stop it. And even though there are treatments that will allow HIV patients to live long and healthy lives, and drugs like PrEP that can even keep someone from getting the disease, there’s still the stigma that anyone who has it is somehow dirty. It’s a gross, wrong, and disgusting viewpoint, but it’s there.

You can watch the video below. Apo, who stars as Porsche makes the statement at around the 7:22 mark.

It’s reasons like this that I will continue to support these series, the actors, and the production company Be On Cloud by purchasing only officially licensed KinnPorsche merchandise through companies like

It’s already been confirmed that there will be more KinnPorsche. So, as always…

Stay tuned.