When Johnny & Associates announced that Travis Japan would officially debut, the internet went to a firestorm. Fans all over the world were elated and couldn’t help but express how excited they were for the group.

“Ever since the founding of our company 60 years ago, we have created and sent our boy bands off in Japan.Today, for the first time ever, we are so thrilled to announce Travis Japan’s worldwide debut with Capitol Music Group.” Johnny & Associates president Julie Fujishima, niece of the company’s late founder, Johnny Kitagawa, started in her official statement about the debut. “We are excited to embrace this new chapter of our legacy and overcome new challenges and accomplishments that come along our way. We hope to take you all on this exciting and amazing journey and deliver our Johnny’s entertainment spirit to fans all over the world!”

Having researched several groups under J&A and talked to Travis Japan myself, I have no doubt that they are going to do just that. Hard-working and hungry, the group is also incredibly humble. When they speak to you, it’s with earnestness and sincerity and when they tell a fan “It’s so nice to meet you,” they mean it.”

With their first official single slated to drop on 28 October, I wanted to take a look back at some of my favorite videos from their time as a Johnnys Jr. group.


I love the costumes and the choreography, and the song is also incredibly catchy, but what I love most about this video is Noel and his adorable nervousness. These guys are incredibly popular in Japan, I mean HUGE stars. Their sincerity and humility are one of the main reasons I love, and will forever more, support this group.

4.) WORLD OF DANCE Championship 2022

I was very sad I was unable to make this performance. Watching this group perform live is for sure something I have to do. They’re just so much fun. 

3.) 「VOLCANO」(AUSTIN MAHONE Japan Tour 2019@Yokohama Arena)

Choreographed by Chaka (the group’s leader) There is just something incredibly fun (and catchy) about this song.  When they release their debut album, I hope it’s one of the Jr tracks included on the special disc.

2.) WORLD OF DANCE  3rd Place Team Division | Frontrow I Orange County 2022

The group was chosen (and well-known) for their dance ability and this video is just incredibly fun to watch.  The way that they can move in such synchronicity is almost inhuman.  Plus, it breaks into Party Up Like Crazy – which is just a super fun song.


This video was my introduction to Travis Japan. Recorded entirely in English it was the official theme of the TORA JA NINJAPAN 2021. I love the artistic direction of the video including the nod to Michael Jackson. As with VOLCANO,  I hope it’s one of the Jr tracks included on the special disc of their debut. 

NOTE: I had no idea when I watched the video, the journey it would take me on. I am incredibly grateful. 


Have I mentioned how excited I am for these guys? There will be more Travis Japan.

Stay tuned!