Welcome back to a very late edition of the BL Review. I apologize. For posting so late! Here are the shows!

OH! MY SUNSHINE NIGHT – Episode 13 – AIS PLAY Subscription YouTube

To be honest, I am not sure what I am watching anymore. However, I am a BIG FAN of OhmFluke and am now too invested to give up. 

ONCE AGAIN – Episodes 5-6 – VIKI

Kang Ji Hoon discovers the truth about who Shin Jae Woo really is. Their friendship is growing deeper, which causes some stress for Joo Hyung Jin, but not enough that I think he is going to become a villain in the series.  With the way this series is going there are only two possible endings I can see, and neither one of them look like I’m going to be crying tears of joy. 

LOVE IN THE AIR – Episode 7 – iQIYI

We’ve come to the end of the Rain and Phayu arc and I’m really glad I stuck with this series. It’s fun and it’s fluffy and it doesn’t disappoint. It’s a very wonderful and well-done series and I cannot wait to see what happens now with Sky and Prapai. They’re an interesting couple and it looks like things are going to get very steamy, very quickly!


After Amagi hears Takara’s confession, he, for some reason, gets jealous and starts to act coldly towards Takara, which in turn makes Takara do the same.  The only thing is Takara is WAY BETTER AT BEING COLD than Amagi is. Things work out in the end however, and the boys get back together – just in time for one of Takara’s friends to catch them in a compromising position. 

I missed these guys last week. I know I’ve said it in every other piece I’ve written about this series, but the reality of it is that its super super relatable. I’ve been in Amagi’s shoes. I know exactly what he’s feeling, and isn’t that the point of a series? To connect with its audience? 

THE ECLIPSE – Episode 8 – GMMTV YouTube

The morning has come, and everyone is getting on with their lives after a night of drinking. Khan acts like he doesn’t remember he kissed Thua. Thua goes along with it, because – well, who knows? Akk is still denying his feelings for Aye and is still under the thumb of the school’s evil headmaster. Namo tells Akk he will support him in whatever he does, and Wat is just off in Wat-Wat Land. It’s so intriguing though. I cannot wait to watch this series every week. 

VICE VERSA – Finale – GMMTV YouTube

After reuniting in their universe, Puen and Talay face a new onset of challenges, including tabloids and homophobia. However, everything works out in the end and there are some really good easter eggs as well. I will be doing a more in-depth review of the series as a whole and I WILL be buying this series.


This one gutted me. The ending is tragic, but real and raw and beautiful. That’s all I am going to say right now. It’s a lot to process, but worth it.