Today I would like to talk to you about the sweetest most uplifting BL in the Genre: Until We Meet Again

The boys of Until We Meet Again. Team, Win, Dean, Pharm, In and Korn

It begins with the double suicide of Korn (Kao Noppakao) and In (Earth Katsamonnat), two very different men who in the late 1980s found love (but not acceptance) in a truly hopeless place.

Korn (Kao Noppakao) and In (Earth Katsamonnat)

Knowing that there was no way they were ever going to be able to escape their fathers to find the happiness the two of them wanted (and so clearly deserved), they took their own lives. It was a split-second decision made by Korn first, followed by an understandably distraught In – and they did it in front of their fathers (because their fathers are terrible awful people)

Korn and In promise one another that, should they be separated, they WILL find one another in their next life

Thirty years later Pharm (Fluke Natouch), is a freshman at the same university Korn and In attended. Innocent almost to a fault, the sweet and good-natured Pharm meets Team (Prem Warut) and Manow (Samantha Melanie Coates) and the three of them become the greatest friendship the BL industry has ever known. 

Team, Pharm, and Manaow – Greatest Best Friend Squad in BL History

Seriously. Squad Goals.

I LOVE these three. So much.

Also, Dean (Ohm Thitiwat), the stoically handsome captain of the swim team, keeps getting pushed into Pharm’s orbit – almost as if the universe is saying “Hey you two crazy kids! Fall in love!” 

Dean Steals a Kiss from Pharm

And they do.  

Pharm and Dean in a romantic moment

But not before they realize that Dean is the reincarnation Korn and Pharm is In.  Also, Korn was Pharm’s uncle, and In, Dean’s grandmother’s little brother – so, it’s really an all in the family type of romance. 

Pharm and Dean’s Sugar Sweet Romance

While starting off as a tragedy, this series comes full circle, giving a happy ending not only for Dean and Pharm but also Korn and In. Now, I’m not going to lie, there will be tears. LOTS and LOTS of them. But it is such a beautiful series, that I have returned to it so much I can almost watch it without subtitles.

Poor Manow! Her crush Alex (Mean Phiravich) wants Pharm

To be honest, because the series starts with a suicide, and I had experienced not one but two of these type of deaths, very close to one another, there was some real concern about being emotionally ready to watch it. But I am glad I did. 

It’s beautiful.  

Manow with her beau Pruk (Bosston Suphadach), Win and Team

While again, there were many tears, there was also something healing. There is a moment in the series that shows Korn and In happy in the afterlife. It’s a short, sweet, and simple moment that reminds the viewers that there is a place beyond this world and that one day we will reunite with the ones we have lost. 

In thanks Pharm for setting his and Korn’s souls free.

This November, a spin-off series called Between Us, will focus on Team and his love interest Win (Boun Noppanu) who is Dean’s best friend, will stream on the iQIYI platform. Ohm, Fluke, and Samantha are all slated to return. In early reports, the events of Between Us will run parallel to those in Until We Meet Again.  I am so excited about this series. 

Win and Team sharing a kiss under the mistletoe

Stay tuned.