Hello BL Lovers, 

This is a departure from my normal rainbow kisses and unicorn stickers type of post. I apologize. 

Real talk. The only reason I subscribed to the iQIYI was for the BL content. Series like KinnPorsche, Dear Doctor, I’m Coming For Soul, and Love in the Air have become some of my favorites. However, the Chinese-owned app has recently deleted these series, and several others from its servers in Singapore.

Though a spokesperson for the company told Variety that the removal of these series was only temporary, it was done (on 20 September) in compliance with recent reform that restricts access to LGBTQ+ content for viewers under the age of 21.  

The removal happened while the country moves toward decriminalizing homosexual relationships – and naturally, fans are concerned. 

Banning, restricting, or even criminalizing anything (and anyone) that supports the LGBTQ+ community is a terrifying trend that’s happening worldwide. 

As reported by the Citizen: In Tanzania, same-sex sexual acts are criminal offenses that can be punishable by life imprisonment. Not only that, but anyone caught promoting homosexuality, with videos or images – even non-pornographic, could face fines, jail time – or both. 

Even here, in the US with Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill and the fact that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has said he wanted to revisit marriage equality, which has only been federally legal in the country since 2015.

It’s a somber reminder that the fight for quality is still a long way from being over. 

Tomorrow, I’ll be back to my regular sunshine and rainbows, I promise. Stay tuned.